Great Taste, No Waste, Saint Benoît Creamery

We are committed to preserving the environment and employ many ecologically friendly practices in our work. Many of these practices are simply common sense and age-old traditions of conserving whenever possible. Our partner farm, John Mattos Diary, provides excellent opportunities for us to reduce, reuse, and recycle. For example, any expired yogurt that stores return to us is fed to livestock on the farm (pigs, goats), providing them with excellent quality organic nutrition. (The pigs are especially fond of old blueberry yogurts and come running when they see us arrive!) Throwing whey and dairy into the environment not only fills the landfill, it can taint surrounding lands if it is done on a large scale.

The water we use in yogurt production is reused as irrigation for the surrounding pastures, helping to increase the available pasture time for the cows and reduce total water use. In addition, we source our fruits and honey from local fellow farmers at the farmer’s markets and of course our milk is taken from the cows that pasture in the fields that surround our creamery.

All paper products and any broken ceramic and glass yogurt jars are dropped off for recycling at the Sonoma County Waste Management site located in the area. At the farmers market we use plant-based compostable spoons for tasting and are working on developing a reusable bag for carrying yogurt conveniently. In the meantime, we encourage customers to bring their own bag or reuse the paper ones we have available. Our cars are hybrids, our truck runs on CNG and our van has Biodiesel capability. These little gestures add up to a reduction of fossil fuel use, lowered water use, less food waste, and better waste management.

And of course those are just a few of the little things we do… our container-deposit system has kept 1,000,000 cups out of the landfill since 2004. That means a total surface area of 10 acres of plastic has been prevented by our reusable container and foil-lid program.